In addition to transplantation of solid organs, such as liver, kidney, heart and lung, tissue donation also includes corneal transplantation. Thanks to the medical-technical progress it is the most frequent transplantation worldwide. Further, it is mostly unproblematic, complications are hardly ever found. In Germany about 5,000 corneal transplantations per year are being performed. Unfortunately, about as many patients are on waiting lists.

The organ, as well as the tissue donation is strictly regulated within the ‘German Transplantation-Law’. To fulfill all legal and ethical regulations for tissue donation, the establishment of Tissue & Eye Banks will be necessary such as the Hornhautbank Munich.

Hornhautbank Muenchen is a non-profit organization, which obtains and preserves suitable corneal donor tissue in accordance with stringent medical and ethic standards and distributes this tissue to patients who need a new cornea via ophthalmic surgeons.

Through national and international cooperation our cornea bank ensures that, if possible, every suitable donor tissue reaches the patient who needs it. Owing to the invention of methods to preserve a cornea in storage solution it has become possible to establish this kind of cornea bank. As a result, Prof. Thomas Neuhann, MD, founded a non-profit private cornea bank in Munich, Germany, in 1991.

Ever since, the team of Hornhautbank Muenchen has endeavored to ensure the supply of high quality transplants to patients in collaboration with cooperating hospitals and ophthalmic centers. Our cornea bank is TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection)-certified and meets all legal requirements pertaining to the operation of a tissue bank. Cornea banks are charitable, non-profit organizations as a rule. They only charge the costs originating from organization, removal, examination, testing, preservation and transport.

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